Yvonne Oswald, PhD

Corporate Consultant / Trainer

Published Best Selling Author

Optimal Human Performance Expert

Recognized Leader of Human Empowerment

Yvonne Oswald PhD, award winning, best-selling author of Every Word has Power, now in eleven languages, is at the leading edge of the new development field of Human Behavioral Technology. She is a renowned and respected International Keynote Speaker, Communications Trainer, Master Trainer of NLP, and Master Trainer of Hypnosis.U.S. National Awards include;Most Unique Contribution to the Field of Clinical Hypnosisin 2010 and 2012 for her work with changing negative self-talk and DNA Transformation, andthe COVR Visionary Award nomination for ‘Mind Magic’, herpioneering process of clearing a negative emotion in less than a minute. Her work with Iraqi war vets and PTSD is outstanding. Dr.Yvonne has an outstanding reputation for her exciting, innovative, fun, and interactive seminars in both public and private sectors.

A British born, certified teacher with 20+ years’ experience, Dr. Yvonne clears challenges for every audience (live, radio, and television) and assists others to go beyond their boundaries and reach the success they desire. Her You Tube channel is available worldwide.


Professional Affiliations, Recognitions, and Awards

  • Council Member, Chamber of Chartered Behavioral Scientists International, Sri Lanka
  • 2010 Woman of Influence and Inspiration by the Government of Canada
  • International Keynote Speaker and Communications Trainer
  • Master Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP and other Technologies of the Mind
  • U.S. National Awards: Most Unique Contribution to the field of Hypnosis (2010)
  • Most Unique Contribution to the Field of Clinical Hypnosis (2012)
  • COVR Visionary Award nomination for ‘Mind Magic’
  • Certified Teacher with 20+ years experience, Dr. Yvonne teaches her clients how to shed emotional burdens and clear paths to productivity, maximising their results in professional and private lives


Contact Info: dryvonne@happyandlovingit.com


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